What Studies on Video Games and Children

Video games have always been a concern to parents since children become quickly addicted to playing video games for hours together. Through time, technology of gaming has advanced with great entertainment and graphics that kids cannot get enough and this has gotten parents very troubled about their effects on kids. There have been a number of studies on video games and children trying to determine the different influences.

Child psychologists, doctors and professors from different parts of the world have studied the critical effects of video games on kids. There have been a number of reports and studies with different views on video games and children. Experts have come out with both positive and negative aspects of playing video games. Get interesting information about find cheats for COD ghosts from www.iwantcheats.net .com .

Video games make kids think of every move they make in the game. There are a number of educational games that help kids learn basic skills like math, vocabulary and language.

Instead of viewing the television, video games are interactive tools letting kids give in their constant participation.Social skills – Playing video games online has become a craze. Children from all over the world can create a network and play the same game together. There are many safe and fun playing video gamesand free video games online that enable the kids to talk and have fun with other children from various backgrounds and countries.

Studies of positive effects on children while playing video games

  1. Video games have proven to be educational and fun at the same time. There are different games developed with care for different age groups. The learning process accelerates when kids have fun and are more inclined to retain the facts and skills that they learn while playing video games.
  2. It has been found in a particular study that the physical structure of a child’s brain in its growth years change with every influential activity including playing video games. It was seen that children of all ages learn from charactorial behaviors in games. Games that involve violent actions like shooting and killing must be played by children who understand the difference between video games and reality.
  3. Experts believe that video games can be educational, fun and teach good personal skills to quite a high level. The activity of playing video games creates a change in the structure of the kids’ brains.
  4. According to a study, the brain changes while working or learning on skills like playing a musical instrument, writing and reading. The same reaction is gotten when children play video games. There are a number of reasons why video games are good for kids and at the same time, there are specific reasons why they aren’t.